Pablo Casals Discography

“I am a very simple man. I am a man first, an artist second. My first obligation is to the welfare of my fellow man. I will endeavour to meet this obligation through music, since it transcends language, politics and national boundaries.” Casals

U .N. Day, October 24, 1971. General Assembnly, New York.
“Don Pablo, you have devoted your life to truth, to beauty and to peace, both as a man and as a artist. You embody the ideals symbolised by this United Nations peace medal. I present it to you with my deep respect and admiration.” - U Thant Secretary-General

“I was born in December 1876 in El Vendrell, a villiage in Catalonia, about 70km from Barcelona. My father, like his father before him, was a Republican and a free mason, a fraternity that only strengthened his convictions on the rights of the working man. My mother was born in Puorto Rico and came to El Vendrell when she was 18. She was a great human being. She taught me early on that the highest love possible was mans own conscience. When one of my brothers was called to serve in the Spanish army, my mother told him: “You do not have to kill anybody, and nobody has to kill you. Go away, and leave the country.” She was an independent thinker and an enormous influence on me.”


Recorded between 1936 to 1939.

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